We gain great fulfillment from being the hands and feet of Christ as we do outreach mission projects in our community, around our country and abroad through a number of mission

opportunities and organizations.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship



In the early 1990s, First Baptist Church of New Bern aligned with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  This partnership continues to help our congregation efficiently and effectively meet our mission: First, we seek the love of God, others, then self, according to the model of Christ.  


This is evidenced in many ways:

• Faith Development

• Missions

• Leadership Development


While First Baptist Church of New Bern is a free, autonomous, independent body with authority to determine for itself all church policies, it is important to our congregation that we work together with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.


First Baptist Church of New Bern has within its church family many International families. Many parents and their children participate in church activities representing Montagnard, Chin, and Karen people. Our church ordained the Reverend Vanbawi Ven and soon afterwards he started First Chin Baptist Church. The Chin church is also affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.  This congregation annually celebrates the birthday of the founding of their church with worship, music, food, and members clothed in their native dress. The International communities have been warmly integrated into the life of First Baptist Church of New Bern. This is evidenced through church attendance at our regular services.


First Baptist has provided outreach ministries to assist our International members.


Some of these ministries include:

• Assistance in English literacy

• Assistance in obtaining their GED, citizenship, driver’s license, housing

• Awareness of financial practices including utilities, rent, bill payments

• Donations of clothing, furniture, food, household supplies, school supplies.

Religious Community Services (RCS)

RCS is a faith-based organization that addresses the basic needs of our community by providing food, clothing and shelter. A diverse group of volunteers come from local churches and businesses all wanting to give of themselves to help others. Their primary programs include the Soup Kitchen, Clothing Closet and Homeless Shelter, but there are many other thriving programs that help to nourish the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


RCS offers many opportunities and welcomes volunteer and monetary support for the following programs:

• Soup kitchen

• Clothing closet

• The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

• Homeless shelter

• Transportation assistance

• Disaster relief and recovery

• Food pantry

• Rent and utility assistance

• Enrichment and education


First Baptist Church of New Bern supports the efforts of RCS through the following:

• Year-long food donations (June is designated as our church’s month for special emphasis with food donations)

• Two volunteer cooking teams

• Occasional volunteer projects such as painting and folding donated clothes

• Filling one seat on the Board of Directors each term