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Christian Education

The Christian Education ministry seeks to encourage, equip and empower the FBC congregation. Through Sunday School, Discipleship, and other events, we seek spiritual transformation by reaching others for Christ, teaching the holy scriptures and Christian principles, and caring for each other and our neighbors. We want to be the body of Christ by unifying our God-given gifts.


Sunday School

Our Sunday School classes endeavor to meet the needs of all age groups. We presently have sixteen classes serving senior adults, families of preschoolers, elementary, middle and high school students, as well as our international members. There are 440 adults enrolled in various adult classes that are offered to different age groups and/or stages of family life. 


Many different materials are used throughout the classes, which provide a fertile base for all involved. We have graded Sunday School classes for all ages. 


This is the primary place for weekly Bible Study and for contact with close friends in the church. Classes not only meet in the church facilities weekly, but also have special gatherings outside the church for missions, ministry activities and fellowship events. This is where you really plug into God and others.

(Click here for the Family Life Sunday School Class)

New Member Education

As FBC continues to grow, we recognize that new members are coming to the church from different points in their Christian journey. Many come as they initially give their life to Christ. Others come as long time Christians as they move to the area. Still others come from churches of different denominations. 


Even though most of these new members participate regularly in Sunday School, the thirst for greater learning and knowledge of the Bible and Christian disciplines is quite evident. Our pastors offer semi-annual classes with the goal of introducing new members to our church.

Children and Youth

Our young children and older youth classes are growing. It is recognized that a continued enhancement of children and youth education is paramount for these young and impressionable members. We feel strongly about the continued need for an emphasis on Children and Youth Ministries. Our pastoral staff ensure that these ministries remain a primary focus of the church in the future

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