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Baptist Women

Baptist Women offer a wide range of Christian mission. We’d love for you to become involved!

The Baptist Women of FBC are groups (circles) of women of all ages dedicated to serving our God through prayer, fellowship and mission activities that honor Him.



  • Encourage women to know and follow Jesus Christ in their daily lives 

  • Equip women to grow in relationship with Christ through prayer, fellowship,  and faith 

  • Empower women to go and use their spiritual gifts to serve and reach  others for Christ 


A number of adult Baptist Women groups have formed at FBC, each with a slightly different focus. The variety between the groups produces a wide range of differing Christian missions that are accomplished by many women through different means. All of these Baptist women’s missions groups provide a vital, rich experience for the women involved. All are open and welcoming to any woman in our church who has an interest in being part of a particular mission.

Currently the groups are:

Christine Daniel Bible Study Group

Early Morning Prayer Group

SOLE Circle

Sweet Pittard

The FBC church office also has information concerning each group.


For more information, contact:
Cathy Chitty Pike
Lee Ann Smith
Judy B. Blythe

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